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The Ways I Could Curb Crimes in Society

Though it is not advisable, crime has been inevitable part of every society. Crime is one of the issues, which is necessary to fix at the right spot, otherwise it may deepen its roots in the society. Crime affects everyone in society including the victims, perpetrators and their families.

Crimes include arson, assault, breach of the peace, burglary, kidnapping, larceny, murder, rape, robbery, economic crimes, political crimes, crimes of passion, organized crimes, white-collar crimes and violations of income tax laws, liquor control regulations, pure food and drug laws.

There are multiple reasons for the dissembling crime in the society. The leading factor that can be considered behind the crimes is unemployment. As people do not have a stable job, they switch to immoral acts for obtaining money.

Another reason for criminal activities can be absence of basic provisions by the Government. Some people who migrate from rural towns to metros, lack skills and knowledge to match up with the fast-moving urban lifestyle. As a result, they are easily seduced to do unlawful actions.

Other reasons can be the factors such as illiteracy, greediness, comparative and competitive influences, jealousy, psychological traumas, poverty etc

.I always wonder of curbing crimes from the society. The prime solution i find is ‘education’. Criminals should be taught job skills, which can easily help them to find a stable job, by which they can live a stable life and can watch for further development. Education includes learning of the moral values and eases their space in the society.

Another solution can be the basic and appropriate facilities by the government. I would suggest the government to take effective and practical steps to update small towns. This can make people feel better and obstruct the unnecessary migrations. I would also suggest the government to focus on empowering the law against the crime as well.

Along with, I would join hands with government to curb the crimes by educating people. I would arrange for lectures, seminars, inspirational programs to help the criminals to lead the right path. Filling the gaps of society with knowledge and positive attitude can surely help to build a crimeless society.