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Tourism – India Offers a Wide Scope

Tourism generally means the ‘traveling for pleasure’. Several people prefer to travel over different countries in order to see the places of their respective interests. Along with, every country has something special to show every visitor. This is how, being the largest, tourism industry has flourished all over the world. The dramatic growth of tourism over the last twenty five years is one of the most remarkable economic and social phenomena of the period.

Tourism activity has long lasting socio-economic impacts on the host economy and its community. Correspondingly, India also possess ample of specialties to show and attract the tourists. Recently there is a trend to get the most efficient and affordable medical and surgical services by foreign immigrants in India, namely, medical tourism.

India reflects itself the best during the festivities. Various festivals like holi, diwali, navratri, onam, janmashtami etc. are best picks of India.

Moreover, India is gifted with one of the seven wonders of world – Taj Mahal. Apart from this, India has Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Charminar, Gateway of India, Red Fort, City Palace, Golconda Fort, Hawa Mahal, Mysore Palace, Khajuraho Temples, Konark Sun Temple, Meenakshi Temple, Golden Temple, Sanchi Stupa, Nalanda University, Lotus Temple and many more such historical monuments and destinations worth exploring.

In India, there had been over 3 million domestic tourists visited during 2009, which provided the sufficient scope of building billions, but the biggest barrier is the disordered system for the scope of tourism development.

Major constraints for the lack of proper tourism development are the poor quality of infrastructure, general facilities, malpractices with tourists, improper marketing and promotion, unqualified manpower, poor quality of service etc.

Indian tourism has vast potential for generating employment and earning large sums of foreign exchange besides giving a fillip to the country's overall economic and social development. The Government of India is doing its best to develop tourism in the country but the missing link for hindered development is the proper channelization. Tourism is a multi-dimensional activity and basically a part of service industry. It requires utmost attention and care to endeavor and attain sustainable growth.
Tourism in India severely needs the well-outlined plans and policies to grow and encourage. It also requires the additional enthusiastic people to join the industry.

It is hoped that tourism in India will highly develop by the combined efforts of the Government and potent individuals.