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Student-Teacher Relationship

The first relationship after the parents in which a child gets is with a teacher. Teacher is the most important company for an individual’s life. Teacher being an important part does not limit up to the academic growth but is instrumental for the overall development for a child in the parallel lineage with parents.
The important dynamics to be considered in a teacher-student relationship is a real communicative bond among. A good student-teacher relationship is a sharing relationship of something unique that no one else may experience in quite the same way. The student experiences an acceptance of ideas and contributions that may be unequalled to any of the other knowledge resources.

In the socitey, many relationships are found but a teacher-student relationship is the most sacred one, where an excellent bonding and respect towards the teacher is seemed as the feather on the crest.

In a healthy student-teacher relationship, the student is encouraged and expected to be candid in responding to the teacher`s ideas, methods or words. Part of a teacher`s role is to acquaint the student, not only with the specialized field that is shared, but also with the other leaders in the field and with the ways of professional and academic life. As a teacher, the mentor’s role is to enhance thestudent’s skills and intellectual development.

The important and the vital part of student-teacher relationship is that despite of closeness and sharing, the respect for teacher in the heart of the student stay consistent throughout the life. The teacher maintains certain evaluative responsibilities and the student continues to be dependent on the mentor`s guidance and approval.

It is unrealistic to believe that all of the students would like every teacher because they look for a friend in the teacher, whom they can respect and look for leadership.

It’s not only a teacher’s actions that can influence a child, but also the way that they communicate and express themselves. Students are often sensitive to tone of voice,gestures and facial expressions. The student teacher relationship is primarily one of trust, guidance and encouragement. Once a healthy student teacher relationship is formed, it can continue to influence the child in positive ways for years to come.