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Politics and participation

In the lexical tone, ‘politics’ means to be in the social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power. Now when independent India has reached the age of 60, political approach has changed its perception. However, the practical politics is thoroughly differentiated from the regular subject of studies like Political Science.

Many students these days are found to be participating in politics. Some are even the active members of different political parties. The leading reason apart from students&rsquo interest in politics is the busyness of elderly people with their bread-earning activities. Because of this, the political leaders enlist the hold up of the young and energetic student community as to support their cause.

The trend of students’ participation in politics has established from the early stages of Indian freedom movement, while the formation of Indian National Congress.

This participation has active pros and cons. The young students, who freshly enter into politics, develop the good qualities of public speaking. Many impressive leaders were known to have become the good speakers during their college days. Also, the students who wish to build their carrier in politics get the strong grounds to get trained in early stages.

The students may get the political exposure and the scenario of where the nation is leading but it includes the loss of valuable time. Participation in politics may lead to the diversion from the academic path to anti-disciplinary activities among premises.
Furthermore, this activity enhances the groupism among the students, distributing into unnecessary student unions at college/university levels.

Apart from all, students should take part in positive politics as our nation is in chief requirement of honest and selfless leaders. Youth are the healthy reflection of society and possess the incredible talent and knowledge, which is required to be exhibited. A new approach to the political system of our nation can surely perform for nation’s wide progress.

If the future of the country is truly foreseen in the youth, their participation in politics can expect a nation to grow.