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My Idea of a Good Friend

Not a single person in this world would be found without a company of someone who knows him/her well and regard with affection and trust. Friend is a person, who is less hostile, attached by affection or esteem, a companion and most importantly a preferred one. Bond with such a person is called ‘friendship’.

Little kid on the first day of school would unspeakably seek for a company just for the sake to be with. Here is the kick start of a friendship in one’s life. In life, everyone meets many people that say, that we are friends. How real could be this? How can be the authenticity of a real friend measured? We all have a desire to have friends. It is not easy figuring out who is a friend and who is not.

For better or worse, a true friend is always there. A true friend is there backing us up on all sorts of struggles and adversaries, no matter how though the situation may seem. A true friend welcomes and accepts us with all our positives and negatives in life and guides us to the right path with immense love and respect.

A true friend knows exactly when we are having a bad day just by the way we say “hey” and that true friend knows how to make us instantly feel better. Friendship is about believing and helping friends to achieve all they can or want to do in life.

A true friend is someone who hugs, advises, delivers kind words and be consistently there whatever comes along. At the end of the day, a true friend would be there no matter whatever has happened. Friendship with a true friend is an effortless act. It grows without any feeding.

Someone who you are not embarrassed to cry in front of, who you can tell the deepest darkest secrets to and know they will be safe. An old rule of thumb is that a true friend is someone you can call after months or even years and speak as if not a day had passed.

Krisna-Sudama lay as a brilliant example of eternal friendship. The epic teaches that the friendship is regardless of class and cast. It only depends on the bonding and intimacy of friend with a friend.


True friendship comes along so rarely. To get a good friend in life, first we have to learn to be a good friend. Without a true friend, we are indeed lost. Whatever happens, we should always keep our true friends close to our heart. We should tell them how much they mean to us. We should not let them slip away. If they do, we should get out and get them back. A true friendship is a bond which binds us till lifetime.