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Life in a Hostel

Pointing out a second home for many students could be the ‘hostel’. Though, hostel life is the one that takes us away from the near ones and mom's cooking but at the same time it opens up the windows to the world by exposing us to a life of independence and exposure of the outside world. Of course this life has its own pros and cons.

The advantage of hostel life is learning to be completely out of parents’ influence and dependency. Students discover taking own decisions, managing finances and have ample time to study. They learn to eat what they are served. Hostel life is more of fun and enjoyment as all the students are from the same age group, share the similar interests and easily bonded.

Hostel helps students to be flexible and cooperative. The mental and physical growth of students is encouraged by hostel life. Hostel makes students self-dependent but there are some negative sides as well.

Students can go wayward due to bad company and learn bad things like smoking, gambling and drugs, because of lack of parental discipline. There are some students, who undergo problems like frustration and homesickness. This could affect their studies and future career as well.

However, hostel is a unique ‘know-how package’ for a student. Stability of career approach and proper guidance could make it a lifetime experience.