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The Importance of the Vocational Education

Education in actual sense is entailing the activities of educating or instructing, which imparts the knowledge or skill. Our current education system definitely bestows the knowledge but does it contribute any practical skills? Recollecting the words from a Hindi film ‘3 Idiots’, “studies should not limit upto just accomplishing success but to inscribe the practical skills in life.”

A mere diploma certificate, graduation or a post raduate degree is not sufficient in today’s competitive society. To identify itself as a knowledge-based structure, education system should bridge the gap in fulfilling the requirements of skilled workforce in the respective emerging sector.

Impressive achievements are showcased in various industry sectors world over but the certain skilled group is facing the absence of growth and exploration of skills. This is the major gap required to be bridged between the knowledge and its practical implementations. The filler to this gap is inclusion of Vocational Studies in the current educational curriculum.

Vocational Education especially includes providing or undergoing training in special skills towards the particular occupation in industry. Person being expert in a particular field, possess a higher chance of getting a good job.

Vocational education and training imparts the specialized and practical knowledge to students and help them become independent at any age. The students are provided with internships along with stipend for the same. This gives motivation to perform better and excel in their jobs. They do their job under the supervision of an expert. It is a great learning experience for them as it helps them perform better. For working professionals, it is a way to hone their skills while making money.

Inclusion of Vocational Studies in the education system can lay a prime aid to the government as fulfilling the skill shortage, it helps in reducing the employment and placement responsibility of Government. Every education system should obligatory focus on the enclosure of Vocational Studies to enrich the nation for further heights.