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Impact of Western Culture on Indian Society

Culture in general means the ‘attitudes and behaviour that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization’. It’s an environment to cultivate or build oneself ethically, socially and in all other aspects that lead an all over human development. Every culture is a combination of some good and bad features. All in one, culture means ‘a way of life’.Every geographical body has its own custom viz. culture. People of different nations are recognized by their culture. One should be proud on its impressive traditions. It is the responsibility of all citizens to preserve their own ethnicity.

Indian culture is richly known in other parts of the world since the ancient age. Its
multi-diverse flavour has been consistently unique in its very own way. Manners, traditions, living and trading patterns etc. are one of the graceful components of Indian culture. The most important feature of Indian culture is its values. These values are deeply rooted within the heart, mind, body and soul of its dwellers.

Western culture, considered as the most advanced culture on globe, has started surmounting its flavour on Indian roots. Western culture has always shown its influence on Indian society. This could be for the multiple reasons like fascination, dreamy autonomy etc., which are somehow absent in Indian culture. Western culture conveys and promotes the ideas and values of advanced civilization across people of India.

There are ample of good things found in the western culture, which every Indian should proudly learn and adopt. But what about the negative influences of the western culture? Every package comes with pros and cons. Indians should definitely use the culture strain before getting diluted under the flow of any cultural influence. The leading reasons for such impact are pursuit of wealth and power of Western media.

Westernization should not affect the core traditions of Indian society but may change the lifestyle and apparent characteristics of the society with the graceful add-ons like punctuality, trustworthiness, loyalty, professionalism should be welcomed and adored.

These changes are like the betraying our old way of life, which we obtained through our ancestors. Updating is necessary but getting washed-off in influence is wide of the mark. If this continues, days will not be far away when the famous Indian civilization would be buried not by others but by the Indian themselves.