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Female Feticide

Females are worshiped as the form of deity in India. Considering their devotion to the society, they deserve the highest place of honour.

From the Post-Vedic period, the position and status of women in Indian society has constantly suffered in one or the other manner. Women have been victimized to dudhpiti, premature marriage, sati prathaa, dowry, rape, battering and much more.

These problems still have not deduced after 60 years of independence.

Even today, the parents do not prefer to have a girl child. Many girls are abstained from education, engaging into housekeeping and other household work.

The sex ratio in the country shows an alarming decrease in the number of women. The fall in the female sex ratio is due to the killing of the female fetus.

The government needs to take strict cognizance of the matter. The NGOs, educated people, and the mass media should also play an active role in stopping the heinous crime of killing female fetus.

Females doubtlessly hold an extreme importance in making the progress of nation. To name some from late legendary Rani Laxmibai, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla to today’s well perceived JK Rowling, Sania Mirza, PT Usha, Lata Mangeshkar, Sudha Murthy, Kiran Bedi etc. have been proved to be the booster of inspiration for one and all in current era. The women of the country today have started enjoying the equal status with men in the society. Still, all we need to thrive is the equalization of treatment between men and women, considering the respect, importance and dedication women spared to our lives.

In order to sustain the balance in the society, we must save the girl child. Parents should be taught the importance of girls and its equality to the males. They cannot be counted inferior in any manner.