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Dowry System

Indian wedding custom is been adored all over the world for its grace, ethnicity and sacramentalness. The frame of commitment and sustainability is considered to be the most potent quality of Indian wedding. Nevertheless, there has been an unspoken room of evil custom with this celeberated tradition – Dowry.

Derived from the ancient Hindu customs of ‘kanyadan’ and ‘stridhan’, dowry is actually a cultural system, where the parents of bride (girl) pay huge amounts of cash, expensive gifts, jewellery or in any other kind to bridegroom (boy) and to his parents before or during marriage. Historically, this system was prevalant among very wealthy families for honoring a bridegroom on his willingness to accept a girl for marriage.

Unfortunately, this system struck with the most ordinary families in India, leading the growth of greed and commercial deals in marriage. Currently dowry is mainly an invariable cause of great disturbance and embarrassment in the society.

In marriages of all the levels of society, dowry is usually an unspoken ritual. For a marriage, the bridegroom is rated with dowry worth huge amount depending on the social status, educational qualification and affluence of family. Infact, it is believed that a person not demanding the dowry might have some faults on their side.

Dowry system buds other evils as well. Many suffering girls make suicide because of the dowry pressure. Some girls run away and some remarry and many are still giving a fight against the evil.

Legally, dowry is a banned practice in India but it still happens all over the place. Many educated and sensible youths have gone against the idea of dowry to avoid commercial aspect of the marriage. They simply have a noble intention of marrying a girl without taking any riches.

Dowry system devaluates the position of the women in society. Women are not saleable products for which a price is required to be paid. Marriage is a pious bond of mutual reliability.

However, the fight against dowry does not end up here. Anti-dowry laws are required to be executed strictly. All the youth, especially young boys should support the anti-dowry action and should take the immediate steps, where the dowry function noticed.

Unless, the earlier action is not taken against this social evil named dowry, the progress of the society will never be suave.