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Democracy in Doubt

India’s leading identification is its democracy. Making a mark in every field, India is still unachieved of the target laid down for its own. Being a huge democracy, India is unable to fulfill the basic needs of its citizens.

Going to bed hungry, while the rich become richer, about 26% of people still live below poverty line. We still have to import food grains though we call ourselves an agricultural country. We conveniently believe 'Mother' as Goddess but still women suffer in multiple ways in the country. Only 54.16% of women are literate and they still face problems like abortion, dowry, rape, battering etc.

Many Children, whom we address as the future of the country, are constantly battling with child labor and have nothing to look forward to as they are misfits in society. India's population is increasing at an exasperating rate and the yields of development cannot be seen.

Crucial requirement is of a good administrative setup, non-corrupt politicians and avoidance of brain-drain. People need freedom from illiteracy and terrorism.

The real democracy does not lie in the directionless freedom but in the liberation towards the actual human rights, which can draw a nation towards the right path of realistic progress.