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An Autobiography of a Question Paper

How about placing our future into someone’s hand? Yes, I am the one – A Question Paper, who is authoritative to decide an individual’s future. At my very sight, many get nervous, some tremble and perspire, while a few rejoice. That is how I am usually perceived.

I am the question paper of the board examination. Along with many twinned friends of mine, I was printed in a secret press, unknown to the public and kept behind closed doors to block any kind of leakage or fraud in the examinations. We were kept into separate paper bags and delivered to sepa¬rate centers. On the examination day my packet was opened and we were handed over to the students who were eagerly waiting for us.

I was printed as a science paper and given to a girl, who looked so nervous that I thought I should talk to her and calm her down. When she read me, she gave a few jabs of excitement in the air and happily settled down to write in the answers sheet.

Somewhere in the middle, she got a little confused and stared at me, trying to figure out the answer, I prayed she would be able to get her bearings right.

She left that question and proceeded with the next to save time. The three hours in the examination room were the most crucial moments of my life. This little girl's future career would depend on what she wrote from my questions. I was praying to God that she would be able to remember and express in the best possible manner what she had studied. The bell rang and I was out of the hall along with the student, neatly folded in her compass box. She had written the answers of certain calculations on me, which she tallied and confirmed with her friends giving yelps of joy.

She came home and filed me up neatly so that she can preserve me for her younger cousin who would appear the boards next year.

So here I am lying in the file waiting to go to her cousin’s house and begin with another stage in my life.