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AIDS — A Dreaded Scourge

A disease, threatening the whole world these days is AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). Scientists are trying day and night to invent a permanent cure or vaccine for protection against this dreaded scourge.

The HIV virus responsible for AIDS, enter the human system through three modes: by birth - where a child can get AIDS if born to an infected mother, due to unsafe sex and contaminated blood transfusion or reuse of contaminated injection syringe. HIV attacks the immune system of the body and open up the gates for the diseases like influenza, pneumonia and tuberculosis, which kills a patient with its coherent attacks.

Infection of HIV dose not directly lead to stage of AIDS, it develops slowly. Therefore, the infected person needs appropriate care and attention for obstructing the virus to reach the stage of AIDS.

A person inflicted with HIV, usually assimilates depression along with the disease as he is shunned from the society. This is because of misconception about the disease.

Since, the disease is contagious, holding hands, hugging or fondling a person does not pass it. One must be careful and have safer sex. Also, care should be taken to avoid giving contaminated blood to a person in an emergency. There is a need for two pronged treatment for AIDS. First, there should be a vaccine that will help people remain away from the terrible disease and another, the appropriate line of treatment for those who are infected with it. The basic alertness can definitely protect from getting victimized from this deadly scourge.